Okane has launched its 2022-2023 campaign video, filmed during the brand’s Fall/Winter campaign in Prospect Park. The video, cinematic and moody, aims to feel like a trailer for a movie that was never made, infused with contradictions.

As O’Kane explains, the video was intended to evoke the transition from the relaxing ease of summer to the melancholy of fall, ultimately descending into the aggression of winter. Drawing inspiration from films and the works of Andrei Tarkovsky, cinematographers Roger Deakins, and Łukasz Żal, the video plays with dichotomies of soft vs. severe, feminine vs. masculine, and contemporary vs. historic. By combining these feelings, O’Kane aimed to create a cohesive and compelling trailer that would leave viewers wanting more.

The campaign video’s credits include Alex O’Kane as Creative Director, Kat Slootsky as Director, Rachel Batashvili as Director of Photography, and Michael Darlington as Stylist, among other talented contributors. The video was produced in collaboration with the Prospect Park Alliance and NYC Parks Department, and features models Sebastião Hungerbühler and Ernest Klimko, with music by Tiger Darrow.