“Homecoming”, the new Off-White collection designed by Ibrahim Kamara, arrives from the moon no less to remind us how well the brand is doing in this new era and the progress it is making. On this occasion, the rocket that takes us from the moon to the earth has neither gone in a straight line to stop in the present nor the direction of the future but has decided to return to the past to take the archives and explore the great legacy left by its founder Virgil Abloh.

About the latter, Ibrahim said: “It’s about going back to Off-White fundamentals. And also I wanted to do a collection that has an American sensibility… As an indigenous African, I explored my take on an American perspective, and how we can link that to the first people of America.” Once you get to the moon and look down, astronauts have recounted, you realize we all come from the same place.”

Kamara is one of those people who think that to keep one’s feet on the ground, and never better said, it is necessary to remain faithful to one’s thoughts and above all not to forget where one comes from. With this proposal, the designer has wanted to continue exploring the different situations and cultural spaces that life throws at you as it unfolds.

Minimalism is something that, for some time now, has taken over O.W., just take a look at the latest lines presented. But hey, the fact that this style is now so prevalent in the company is a sign that the company is in the process of maturing. The logos have taken a back seat to clean designs and rich materials, with a few sporty details and the number 23, which is one of the main features of the Resort 24 line. This number is the result of the brand’s recent collaboration with the Chicago Bulls, which in case you didn’t know was Michael Jordan’s number and can now be yours too if you buy some of the many items on which it appears, such as basketball-style tank tops, short-sleeved leather T-shirts and bomber jackets.

The majority of the items in the men’s looks are in black and white, except for a few in green or orange, which appear in two-piece bombers and leather shorts. The latter tone also appears in one of the knitted waistcoats, which features embroidery of some of New York City’s most iconic buildings. Embroidery, prints, and everything related to the global travels that the brand has been making over the years.

What will be the next stop or destination for the new Off-White directed by Ibrahim Kamara? Check out the collection below: