Prepare to be captivated as Spyros Rennt unveils his new book, ‘Corporeal,’ a striking collection of 150 mesmerizing photographs that transcend the boundaries of convention. Self-published and meticulously designed by Rennt himself, this visual odyssey is adorned with a stunning cover crafted by the visionary artist, Marwan Kaabour.

Within the pages of ‘Corporeal,’ you will embark on a transformative journey. As you delve deeper, be prepared to immerse yourself in Rennt’s intimate world, where the rich tapestry of identity and sexuality intertwines. With profound sensitivity, he shares his personal encounters and keen observations of diverse communities, from the vibrant underground club scene to the vibrant tapestry of the queer community.

Through Rennt’s lens, these images spring to life, capturing not only raw emotion but also moments of tender vulnerability and unexpected humor. His friends and loved ones become his muses, immortalized in both public and private spaces—whether on pulsating dance floors or intimate bedrooms, serene beaches or clandestine hotel rooms. While occasionally turning the camera’s gaze towards objects and spaces, his unwavering focus remains on the people that populate his world.

At the heart of his creative journey lies a powerful celebration of queer visibility. Through his art, Rent strives to contribute to the ongoing journey of emancipation, remaining deeply relevant and resonating with future generations. Within each frame, you will find an exquisite fusion of vulnerable expressions, vibrant colors, and spontaneous gestures—a testament to his unyielding commitment to producing images that transcend the bounds of time.

Check out some of our favorite images below: