Tailoring, besides being one of the undisputed protagonists of the current fashion world, continues to be one of the most recurring themes when it comes to designing a collection, except streetwear, which in this case has a lot to do with it.

Off-White, the brand founded by the late and always-remembered designer Virgil Abloh, seems to have already defined its design line and the direction it wants to take. Patenting a cleaner aesthetic and almost without the logos that in part made the brand popular years ago, the new O-W proposal and first under the total direction of Ib Kamara has been very well received, in part because of the refined and elegant silhouettes presented and the meticulousness that the garments exude.

Fifteen men’s looks are exactly what make up the line, in which the brand’s urban origins are still visible in addition to tailored and elegant garments. These can be seen, for example, in the motocross jackets made of high-quality leather or in the varsity jackets, some of which are combined with flowing trousers. The latter are not worn in the traditional way, but with pleated skirts. Finally, details and graphics are other parts that elevate the pieces even more giving the “Off” vibe, as is the case in the last two looks or some sweatshirts or t-shirts.

Check out the collection below: