Los Angeles welcomed back Pia Davis and Autumn Randolph of No Sesso as they unveiled their Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, “FUTURO FISH,” at LA Fashion Week. Supported by their long-term partner, Nike, and the driving force behind LAFW, N4XT Experiences, No Sesso continued their journey into the future with a collection and runway show, complete with cool sci-fi elements.

“FUTURO FISH” delves into “The No Sesso System,” a futuristic narrative conceived by No Sesso’s co-designers, Pia Davis and Autumn Randolph, along with brand President Mya Axe. The story challenges our perceptions of technology and its impact on humanity. The performance piece and runway show included a rotating circular platform and a treadmill, ensuring an immersive journey for the audience.

While No Sesso transported us to the future, the collection also explored the human body in a more traditional sense. Classic silhouettes were reimagined in the No Sesso way, emphasizing versatility and blurring the lines between style and functionality. The return of the “Carry Bag” to the runway brought two new colorways into the spotlight: Marble Ash and Black Crocodile. In addition to these, the collection featured custom upcycled earrings and sunglasses created in collaboration with artist Georgina Trevino. Fabrics spanned from denim, leather, and garter knits, with the brand introducing the futuristic touch of metallic nylon.

Check out our favorite looks below: