Newspeak has unveiled its latest collection for Fall/Winter 2024/25, which draws inspiration from the workwear archives and the city lifestyle. The collection, which features oversize shapes and layered silhouettes, is influenced by the early 1990s Giorgio Armani campaigns, which captured the essence of urban elegance and sophistication.

The collection showcases the simplicity and functionality of Newspeak’s design philosophy, which challenges the conventional rules of garment construction. The pieces, which appear as familiar menswear staples from a distance, reveal unexpected details and techniques upon closer inspection. The collection also adds a touch of softness and refinement to the traditional menswear styles, using high-quality fabrics and yarns.

Newspeak also embraces sustainability in its own distinctive way, by using vintage Dutch army blankets to create one-of-a-kind pieces. These pieces, which are limited in quantity, add a playful element to the otherwise refined silhouettes. The pieces also demonstrate Newspeak’s commitment to upcycling and reducing waste.

Check out the collection below: