Conan Gray, the Gen Z pop sensation, is back with his third studio album, FOUND HEAVEN. The album, which will be released on April 5 via Republic Records, is a collaboration with some of the most acclaimed producers in the industry, such as Max Martin, Greg Kurstin, and Shawn Everett. Conan Gray promises to deliver a fresh and exciting sound that showcases his growth as an artist and a songwriter. You can pre-order FOUND HEAVEN now and get ready for a heavenly musical experience.

To give his fans a taste of what’s to come, Conan Gray will drop a new single, “Lonely Dancers,” on February 9. The song is expected to be a catchy and emotional anthem.


FOUND HEAVEN will also include some of Conan Gray’s previous hits, such as “Killing Me,” “Winner,” and “Never Ending Song.” These songs have already amassed over 130 million streams worldwide and have earned rave reviews from critics and fans alike.