Last night, Neith Nyer showed their Fall/Winter 2017 collection at the iconic Guerrisol store a stone throw’s from Paris’ red light district.
The designer imagined the chaotic future of MM83, where people have no choice but to trawl through thrift stores and the wardrobes of their ancestors to patch together new clothes… This season’s collection is built as a parallel to the book written and drawn by Neith Nyer’s creative director, Francisco Terra. MM83, or Migurushii Mirai 83, (Disgraceful Future in Japanese), is a manga-like story that takes place in a dilapidated, phantasmagoric Tokyo.
The conception of Fall 2018 reflects the DNA of Neith Nyer, a brand that seeks to blur the lines and draw inspiration eclectically. Most clothes are worn by the fictional characters of the book, and the faces of the rock bands they listen to are printed on the actual pieces of the collection. The constant comings and goings between the fiction and the catwalk are meant to generate a fantasy-like feeling. This collection also roots in the grunge culture. It’s an homage to the bizarre nightlife scene and to its powerful sexual energy.
The cheesy roses and leopard prints, the ruffles paired with latex, the kinky heels splashed with paint, all twisted to revisit what we judge as being good or bad taste.