NAMESAKE‘s Spring/Summer 2025 is a heartfelt story about family, growing up, and finding your chill. They call it “OFFSHORE,” and it’s a mix of comfy clothes, nautical vibes, and a touch of rebellion.

Sustainability is important to them, so expect fabrics made from things like pineapple leaves and recycled materials. They also have classic sailor stuff in cotton and linen for a timeless touch.

The graphics mix old-school crests with fishnet prints and a nod to the family’s fish-selling heritage. Stripes get a refresh, inspired by everything from roaring 20s fashion to Japanese style. They even made special denim with cool hand-dyed stripes.

NAMESAKE also teamed up with basketball player Jaylen Brown for a capsule collection, featuring bold graphics, chessboard patterns, and even a bit of Mayan influence.

Check out the collection presented during Paris Fashion Week below: