MÜNN kicks of LFWM with his partner exchange from Seoul, bringing his shakeup of formalwear to London for SS/20.

Hyun-min Han, who started the brand in 2013,  continues to explore his alternate formalwear, parading a crew of young fresh male models in flowing, softer fabric suits, sandals, and hot-pants. This disruption of the archetypal male is continued with the attention to detail in accessorizing, draping diamante jewelry from the heads and necks of models and completing their look with a rust colored cat-eye makeup.

Backstage, Hyun-min Han expressed how this season’s looks were designed for the younger generation. While still playing with workwear, this collection clearly incorporated streetwear and sportswear. Many of the looks finished off with Nike 97 inspired trainers, drawstring cross-body sports bags and caps embroidered with neon logos.

Ever blurring the line between the feminine and masculine, one model stormed the runway in a streetwear puffer jacket decorated with a floral rose print. With fabrics in tie-dye and neon prints punctuating the collection, Hyun-min Han is on trend with many other London streetwear brands for SS/20.

Even with this disruption of archetypal masculinity, Han suggests that his use of formalwear continues to pay homage to the older traditional gentleman. Certain looks were punctuated with garment bags as models carried them down the runway as an accessory, almost as an imitation of adulthood and what is expected of the typical working male.

Playing with this idea and injecting youth and creativity into this symbol of traditional masculinity, the finale saw all the models dressed in MÜNN printed garment bags, with Han stating “I wanted people to be creative and imagine what is inside the bag.” With this idea, Han’s collection truly embodies the fresh, open-minded feeling of youth culture today.


Backstage photographed by Joel Smedley, in exclusive for Fucking Young!