Montblanc unveiled the Extreme 3.0 capsule collection, wrapped in sleek silver fabric that adds a touch of futuristic glam to your wardrobe. This limited collection introduces a refreshing twist, with the signature Extreme 3.0 motif taking center stage on larger-than-life bags, creating a versatile and eye-catching selection.

The Extreme 3.0 motif has a rich history, drawing inspiration from the graphic creations of Grete Gross, Montblanc’s Advertising Director who set the visual tone for the brand in the roaring ’20s. Her rational and geometric illustrations bore the unmistakable influence of the Bauhaus movement of the era. In the initial iterations of the Extreme 3.0 collections, the motif came in two distinct scales: a larger format for bags and a smaller one for petite accessories and the Montblanc Summit 3 smartwatch strap. Now, the new larger size adds a bold statement to this repertoire, giving you a striking way to flaunt it.

Adding an extra dash of style to the mix, the iconic M Lock 4810 buckle has undergone a silver-toned makeover with subtle black accents for this exclusive capsule. Inspired by mountain gear, the M Lock 4810 buckle boasts a special mechanism that ensures both secure closure and effortless access – a practical fusion of style and function.

Don’t miss out on this limited-edition capsule that combines heritage with contemporary cool. Check out the campaign images below: