This season, LACOSTE pays specific tribute to the brand’s founder with an inspired collection whose strong message sounds like a slogan: René did it first . Inventing, imagining and creating new processes, relentlessly optimizing existing techniques…the brilliant and fruitful mind of René Lacoste is tireless, and many of his brainchildren revolutionized the sport to which his name will sta y forever linked: tennis. Because he was… The first French national to win the US National Championships. The first French national to snag the Davis Cup. The first to build a steel racket, both light and resistant. The first to build a tennis ball-throwing machine. The first to wear upon his blazer the famous crocodile designed by his friend Robert Georges. The first to believe a logo could complete an item of clothing. And the first to swap the court’s classic white shirt for a short-sleeved polo shirt.

Then, to show you this 70’s inspired collection we have chosen someone who has done something great for the first time: Andrew Armstrong and Ra Black are MONARCHY. They’re the first band ever to broadcast a live performance into space. We have an exclusive editorial with the #Renediditfirst collection and also, we’ve asked for some of his first times… Watch the video above!

Photography: Albert Ruso
Stylist: Javier Ly
Make up: Noemi Nohales
Video by Pedro Ballesteros