MM6’s new collection is all about abstracting the wardrobe, creating pieces that are simple yet unexpected, plain yet peculiar, direct yet distorted. The clothes are not what they seem – a jacket becomes a dress, a cardigan becomes a cape, a raincoat becomes a denim statement. The fabrics and details are also surprising – quilting on the outside, pockets on the leggings, pillow prints on the tops. The effect is a striking contrast between the familiar and the foreign.

The theme of abstraction is also explored through the idea of being damned, a dark and rebellious mood that pervades the collection. The clothes are marked by exaggerated shoulders, multiple zippers, concert graphics, and geometric shapes. The color palette is dominated by black, with some pops of mustard and red. The silhouettes are bold and radical, playing with length and width to create new proportions.

The accessories are also abstract and unconventional, such as boots with irregular shapes, loafers fused with boots in collaboration with Dr. Martens, and bags shaped like fortune cookies and pillows. The jewelry includes key holders and colored safety pins.

Check it out below: