Kozaburo Akasaka has unveiled his Fall/Winter 2024 collection, inspired by a science fiction novel and a personal trip. The collection expresses a new scenery of utopia that Akasaka imagined by closing his eyes and following the scenery reflected behind his eyelids.

The main source of inspiration for Akasaka was “THE DARK TOWER: The Gunslinger”, a science fiction novel by American novelist Stephen King. The novel tells the story of Roland Deschain, a solitary wanderer in a vast desert, who regains his humanity through encounters and relationships. Akasaka felt a connection with the protagonist, as he also embarked on a journey of exploration and discovery.

In the early fall of last year, Akasaka visited Houston, Texas, where he was fascinated by the Rothko Chapel, a spiritual sanctuary founded by philanthropists Dominic and John de Menil. The chapel features paintings by Mark Rothko, based on a deep purple that blends all colors, and a sculpture by Barnett Newman, called Broken Obelisk, dedicated to Dr. King. The chapel, which welcomes people of all faiths, resonated with Akasaka’s vision of a utopian world.

The collection reflects Akasaka’s vision through a fluid and versatile style, using colors, fabrics, and details that evoke the elements of his inspiration. Logwood dyeing, a traditional technique used by the Mayan indigenous people, creates purple and dark blue hues that change depending on the situation. Oriental work jackets and haori-style shawl collar coats emphasize the fit and new iteration of the collar. Honeycomb sashiko, an updated version of the brand’s signature fabric, adds texture and durability. Oversized shirts and pants feature experimental yet practical details on a checkered fabric that recalls the scent of Texas. From the Wave Of Sand series, IM pants with a new roomy fit, and skirt-type GURU in grid-patterned corduroy fabric, offer comfort and mobility.

Check out the collection below: