If teachers always told us we should love thy neighbour: why do I feel like running a chainsaw thru all my fellow citizens?

I have a confession to make: although I’ve never killed anyone… there’s blood in my hands. Like a lot. I spend half my day contemplating with pleasure the hypothetic movement of a chainsaw or an axe cutting thru my peers flesh while I elegantly back off to avoid their blood spurt from staining my immaculate Jil Sander look. You probably think I’m sick. And I am. So move on.

Well: I’m sick of people. I hate people. I find most of them either: impolite, stupid, dumb, gross, poor, ugly, or just painfully uninteresting. It’s not like I am afraid of living alone: its more like I’m afraid of having a person who looks like a female version of Osama bin Laden sitting next to me. Why am I sharing the world with people that have oily skin 24/7 and accessorise their hair with pony pigtails?  Next time you ask me if this seat is taken I’ll politely grab a knife out of my Hermés tote while answering: YES BITCH! This seat is taken: My HATE is sitting there.

I’ve had it! I’m calling Barbra Streisand to sing this life long grief towards a society that inbreeds ugly people with dumb people in an everlasting effort to create a world of dirty little midgets who duplicate themselves when they hit the age thirty.  I’m done doing polite. You’re greasy, you have facial hair where you shouldn’t and when we walk your talk is suicide. Bottom line: you should get a vasectomy by law enforcement.

How shall I put this? Elegance is the key.  So yes – I do think communists wearing organic Crocks with a cotton jersey to match should not be allowed political jobs, neither should we allow them to fat males who got stuck in a blue variation of the Savile Row suit at their early 20’s. Please don’t give me that moralist crap of beauty being at heart.  No. Beauty is out there and it is most tragically disappearing while human condition follows.

Rousseau said private property was the reason for the downfall of mankind. I want to rewrite this: casual wear and trainer shoes are the reason why people lost the most important prerogative at life: exigency. While we were trading leather shoes by Nike sneakers, formality of thought get carried in the motion. NEWSFLASH: Be casual. Why should we argument with deductive lines while we can just shout out loud abnormalities and get away with approval? Why am I going to press iron this white shirt if I can dress my mud-sweater and still land at university classroom? Why baking your best Bree van the Kamp apple pie when your guests rather eat pork chops? Be causal, be primitive: be now.

The uglier one looks the worse one’s brain works. Take a note and next time ugly approaches, just remember: unless you keep it CUTE I’ll put it on MUTE.