Get ready to upgrade your Fall/Winter wardrobe with Le 17 Septembre, the Seoul-based minimalist apparel brand that has once again brought their A-game with their latest menswear collection. This season, the brand masterfully combines denim, fleece, and suede with vivid pops of color and textures that exude charisma, resulting in a comfortable and chill wardrobe that is perfect for the modern man.

Drawing inspiration from the new generation of men who value vulnerability, sincerity, humor, and romance, the brand’s FW’23 collection features tailored coats, cable-knit cardigans, and faux shearling lilac sweaters, making it a versatile selection that suits any mood, occasion, or lifestyle. Using wool, mohair, cashmere, cotton, and linen, the brand elevates fashion’s texture game and delivers all-purpose wardrobe staples that combine practicality, style, wit, and individuality.

From tailored blazers to oversized coats and timeless knitwear, these pieces boast sophistication and relevancy that transcend fashion trends and eras. For a more relaxed look, the brand also offers pajama-inspired shirts and Bermuda shorts, which effortlessly bring a relaxed vibe to any situation. The collection is a perfect balance of boldness and relevance, thanks to colorful jacquard, prints, and embroidery.

Le 17 Septembre is a brand that values restrained elegance and minimalist silhouettes, incorporating subtle details from traditional Korean costume to create contemporary yet timeless pieces. With a limited production run and a keen eye for fabric selection, the brand has garnered worldwide attention and is available in several stores globally, including Mr. Porter and Matches Fashion. Get ready to elevate your wardrobe with this collection!

Check out the campaign images below: