Drôle de Monsieur unveiled a new video campaign starring Mike Tyson! This isn’t just a regular film. This story runs deep, striking a chord with Maxime and Dany, the founders behind Drôle de Monsieur. “Iron Mike” embodies the essence of their brand and the values of Not from Paris Madame.

Mike Tyson, he’s not really a Parisian, and he’s not your typical New Yorker either. Born in Brownsville and raised in the grittiest corners of NYC, he carved his path with a raw intensity, a narrative far removed from the standard Big Apple success tales. Tyson’s style is a unique blend. It’s a mix of streetwise grit, a product of his upbringing, and an innate sense of that very specific 90’s urban elegance. These contrasting elements coexist in perfect harmony. He’s a trendsetter who’s lived through multiple lifetimes, akin to his kindred spirit, Tupac.

It all starts with Tyson’s one-of-a-kind character. This project was born out of a desire to pay tribute to one of the most iconic figures in the history of sports. With this film, celebrating willpower and determination, two values close to the hearts of Drôle de Monsieur’s founders, the brand finds a new dimension. It’s the embodiment of spirit and perseverance.

Check out the film below: