Sometimes amid so much fashion and fashion week content, it’s good to read about other things. For example, let’s talk about deco, which to a certain extent is also linked to the world of design.

Do you know Kouros Maghsoudi? If not, you must. We help you to discover him. For those who don’t know him, Kouros is a self-taught artist and designer, born in the Frank Lloyd Wright suburbs of Chicago, who is characterized by the approach he offers to the world of decoration, which is steeped in an investigation of future cultures and stylistic direction, picking up clues from fashion and music, with the desire to inspire hedonistic and liberated behaviors.

The world of design is something that has always surrounded Kouros Maghsoudi. After graduating in sustainable architecture and urban design and joining an environmental non-profit organization, he has just launched his furniture collection, called “Mehmooni”, which draws directly from his Persian culture but is tinged with cheerful post-modern motifs that encourage people to explore their hedonistic side.

“Mehmooni”, which is Farsi for “gathering” or “party” in Persian, is a furniture collection inspired by Persian traditions and customs, Persian culture, and playful postmodern design. Each piece in the collection is designed to foster and cultivate the spirit of a Mehmooni. The Taarof table, one of the main items, is a modular table with an integrated ice bucket, ashtray, and fruit bowl. As well as encouraging traditional Persian Persian gatherings, the collection is sustainable and carbon neutral. All materials are locally sourced and manufactured in Brooklyn to reduce carbon emissions.

We recommend you take a look at his website or Instagram profile and keep an eye on him as he promises to keep on talking.