Before we set out the deep stuff, let’s get this cracking from the basics. Could you outline yourself to us?

Hey Fucking Young! As courteous customs may want it, I’d like to commence by thanking you for letting me part of this.

To state it clearly, I’m a person in constant motion, always looking towards the next “big thing”. I sternly believe in striving for as close to perfection as possible: and I’m fully aware, you’ll never reach it, but such belief will always keep you close to take brave actions and moving towards something of a greater kind. With my line of work, falling into the deception of acquiring a big “ego-complex” can be very easy. However, my family and friends never let me get big-headed, and always remind me of our humble family beginnings. In fact, it’s very normal for people to come up to me and say, “I’m pretty down to earth”. I consider myself a very simple guy, who loves nature in its innermost essence, and loves having a laugh down at the local pub with a bunch of mates. I have a huge passion for cars and my fair share of wines and whiskeys. Additionally, I like to read as much as possible and also, spending time with the animals can help to be a stress-reliever. With all that being said, I’m still very much young and have a long way to go. Keeping on the cheeky side of life represents who I am, and it’s something that I don’t feel I’ll ever lose. Being goofy keeps me feeling light-hearted, because… we’re all a little weird, right?

How has your experience in fashion been ever since venturing into it?

So far, so good! The industry has been such a fantastic gateway to meet and experience many great people and places, which, as a young man, growing up in the means of modern society offers the chance to understand people and the way life happens through a very introspective lens. Fashion was never a major interest of mine. That’s until I became a full-time model.

In an age dominated by the commotion for digitalization, what’s it like to be repetitively exposed to the public’s eye?

The truth is, social media has created a major change in how models are picked for jobs. This means keeping up to date with social media is key for anyone representing a brand’s image. I use social media to post work and myself. However, to really try and gain a major following, your whole life has to be posted online, ranging from where you travel to what meals you have. I like keeping my personal life quite private, as that’s just who I am. Perhaps I’ll post more about myself in the near future, who knows?


How do you feel about making leeway for models that have a similar experience to you?

I love offering advice to upcoming models. For me, helping other is classed as common human nature. Even if it’s telling people how much they should work-out or passing on a contact to someone who can help with regard to modeling, it’s simple business acumen: the more friends you have, the better.


What do you think is behind the change in how your career is going now?

I believe a change in management has been one of the main reasons for my professional progress. I kid you not: it’s very easy for people to sell you a dream in this industry and come up empty-handed. Thus said, having people you trust around and who’s goals are in line with yours is key.

Not knowing much about the industry when you started, did you think you would still be modeling to date?

I’ve thought about this and you know what? As living my days on a private beach located in the most glorious Italian coastline might sound nothing but the greatest resolution, I’m an all-round workaholic. It’s in my blood. I’ve always loved the idea of traveling to poor countries and helping out families through charitable work, rendering something to the less privileged. Other than that, I’m really not sure; for now, I’m just taking each day as it comes.

Since there’s always a bittersweet ending to jobs of such kind, what have you planned on doing afterward?

Since the start, I took modeling with ever lightly. All it was to me was a means of gaining pocket money for my general expenses. It wasn’t until my agents recommended me to fly to Milan and suggested I could have a prosperous career over there that I started paying more attention to such field. After a short time spent in Milan during the summer of 2018, it was a major blast for me: I managed to get featured alongside Mariano Di Vaio and Monica Bellucci at the Dolce & Gabbana catwalk show, shortly after opening the “Naked Kings” menswear show. I’ve also worked for the Dsquared2 campaign with supermodel Irina Shayk: it felt like a dream. But I’m guessing you’re right, modeling is extremely unpredictable. I’m thinking of studying in the near future, we shall see. Time will tell.


Biggest and proudest momentum?

Good question! There’s a few to pick from. I think for me it’s anytime one of my friends or family spot me somewhere: it’s such an incredibly proud feeling. Though, I feel the “proudest” moment is still yet to come.


Any regrets?

Biggest regret? I’d say caring too much about what others have had to say in the past.


What would your dream campaign be?

Without a doubt, becoming the face of a major fragrance brand. It’s always been a dream of mine, as I often walk through fragrance shops in airports, enviously looking up to the fragrance faces and trying to picture myself on the boards. Who knows what could happen in the imminent future, I’m staying optimistic.


As a much-hyped model owning an incredible social media reach, do you feel like you’re able to -if not already- to make an impact on society and on your fellows’ active in the sector?

Society, its conceptions and perceptions play such a big role in our lives. If a kid aspires to be like me, well that’s just great! Everyone looks up to someone, whether it’s their style, the way they connect with others, or simply what they’ve achieved. For me its actors such as Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, or model David Gandy. Social media has glamourized the whole “collective-aligned thing”, therefore I advise everyone to take all you see with a pinch of salt by not spend too much time watching others. Social media has made it ever so easy to see what your neighbor is doing every second, and that can result rather excruciating.

Any advice you would like to give to any young models braving into the fashion industry? 

I’ve always been a shy and reserved character, but with experience, I’ve opened up my personality and I’m slowly working towards a much more stable belief in myself. Confidence vacillates: someday you feel great, others seem to like the entire world drifts against you. However, to succeed as a model, self-believe should come first no matter what, even if your mind isn’t in the best frame or shape. Professionalism is key, doing the job to the best of your ability even when you’re not feeling great shows further competence. One tip I’d give to younger models coming through at this stage is to be as enthusiastic as possible from when you shake hands with the clients, right until the moment you walk out the door. The clients will always respond well to it. It’s something I’ve started to do recently, and it really does make a difference.

Photography: Joseph Sinclair @josephsinclair
Styling: Gianluca Cococcia @wowgue
Grooming: Daisy Holubowicz
Fashion Assistant: Gabriele Bilal Annouka @whatgabriel
BRANDS: Alex Mullins, MINOTAURUS AND MATADORS, Natasha Zinko, Per Gotesson, Edward Crutchley.