For Design Miami/ 2019 (December 3-8), Balenciaga has collaborated with artist, architect, and furniture designer Harry Nuriev to advocate for environmental accountability by creating a functional artwork using discarded Balenciaga clothing.

The collaboration between Balenciaga and Nuriev reimagines a sofa—the center of so many homes—as an example of environmentally conscious design, giving generations of garments and other materials another life. The oblong sofa—inspired by typical overstuffed recliners—is upholstered with damaged or otherwise unsellable garments and off-cuts from obsolete stocks of Balenciaga clothing, encased by scrapped transparent vinyl. Patterns, cuts, and tags within the stuffing are recognizably Balenciaga, a mix of past seasons and ideas.

Intended to encourage sustainable practices within design and elsewhere, the piece reflects Balenciaga’s recognition of the responsibility designers have to counterbalance their environmental impact and dedication to implementing programs that upcycle waste and contribute to a circular economy.

Harry Nuriev