MARNI just dropped some big news! Get ready, because they’re making their debut at the Paris Fashion Week this September 27th at 1.30pm CET. This isn’t just any fashion show; it’s part of a journey that’s seen MARNI strut its stuff in New York back in 2022 and Tokyo in February 2023.

This move is all about nurturing conversations and creative bonds within its thriving community, bringing together fashion enthusiasts and pals right at the cultural heart of Europe.

As Francesco Risso, the Creative Director at MARNI, puts it, “Marni’s journey continues… a dérive that found us under a bridge in Brooklyn last fall, a paper colosseum in Japan this February; but which started in 2020, when we couldn’t leave our homes at all, but had to leave behind the way we thought about fashion shows forever. These departures were never about a destination — so if this season is something of a return — it is not to where we started. It’s to a city well suited to flaneurs like us. A city where I forgot that I first fell in love and, in being lost, found how to seek. And to a venue; the home of a witness and devotee to the most ephemeral architecture of real illusion that is fashion. In the city which calls it home; le ville baroque: Paris.

You won’t believe where this show is taking place. MARNI’s Spring/Summer 2024 Vol.2 will be unraveling its magic within a historical palace that holds the essence of the city. It’s none other than 51 Rue de l’Université, a spot that was once the private abode of Karl Lagerfeld himself.