Marine Serre ends the year in the best possible way, unveiling a collection marked by one of the trends of the moment: tailoring.

“State of Soul” – the name of the line – explores the versatility of the classics to unsuspected limits, and has to do with a wardrobe characterized by regenerated fabrics and sharp, minimalist cuts that present each and every one of the pieces that compose it. Another feature that stands out in the garments is the iconic moon print and the monochromatic patchwork created from dead skin. As for the color palette, earth tones predominate: brown, beige, ecru, and white, used to maintain their timeless character.

When will “State of Soul” by Marine Serre be available? On 7 January 2023 in selected stores and on the website.

Take a look at the images that accompany the proposal and let the closeness and intimacy that they transmit take hold of you: