We think of manhood as eternal, a timeless essence that resides deep in the heart of every man. We think of manhood as a thing, a quality that one either has or doesn’t have. We think of manhood as innate, residing in the particular biological composition of the human male, the result of androgens, or the possession of a penis. We think of manhood as a transcendent tangible property that each man must manifest in the world; the reward presented with great ceremony to a young novice by his elder for having successfully completed an arduous initiation ritual. In the words of poet Robert Bly, “the structure at the bottom of the male psyche is still as firm as it was twenty thousand years ago.” – Michael S. Kimmel

Wekaforé Jibril from Egosex captured by the lens of Adriana Eskenazi and styled by Daniel Yuste, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

Digital Operator: Laura Encursiva
Make-up & Hair: Maida Cardemil
Art Director: Enea Palmeto
Creative Production: Anna Esparza
Accessories: Sergidevcia Couture