Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO showcased its latest collection for the Fall/Winter 2024 season at Paris Fashion Week. The collection reflects the current state of the world through the contrast between the dark and the light, the chaos and the order, the past and the future.

The collection features the continuation of the ‘Big Silhouette’ series that was introduced in the Spring/Summer 2024 season, with oversized blousons and coats that open under both arms like capes, creating a dramatic and voluminous effect.

The designer, MIHARA YASUHIRO, explained that the inspiration behind the ‘Big Silhouette’ series came from his childhood memories of wearing hand-me-down clothes from his older brother, and the strange feeling of being dressed in adult clothing. He said that the exaggerated proportions of these garments convey the ironic message that “adults will never grow up”, and that they also represent the uncertainty and instability of the present world.

The collection also draws inspiration from the nocturnal world, with its shimmering and mysterious atmosphere. The collection incorporates glossy faux-enameled leather, which mimics the shine of the moon and the stars, and dazzling tape-yarn knits, which add a touch of glamour and sparkle to the night. The collection also features a collaboration with ISAMU KATAYAMA BACKLASH, a Japanese leather brand by ISAMU KATAYAMA, which produces high-quality and sophisticated leather items. The collaboration consists of five men’s styles and four women’s styles, all in black, which contrast with the colorful and whimsical designs of the rest of the collection.

The designer also introduces the new “KEITH” model of sneakers, which are inspired by the basketball shoes from the 1980s. The sneakers have embossed soles, which give them a retro and sporty look.

Check out the collection below: