The latest collection from KENZO is a celebration of cultural diversity and creative innovation. Under the artistic direction of Nigo, the Fall/Winter 2024 collection showcases a blend of Japanese heritage and Western influences, as well as a mix of traditional and futuristic elements.

Nigo, who is also a renowned streetwear designer and music producer, draws inspiration from the cinematic works of George Lucas and Akira Kurosawa, two masters of storytelling who borrowed from each other’s cultures to create their own unique worlds. Nigo applies this approach to fashion, creating garments that combine the elegance of Japanese kimonos and the functionality of sci-fi uniforms.

The collection features a range of pieces that reflect this vision, such as a kimono coat with a warrior cape silhouette, a fireman’s jacket with a wood print that resembles a futuristic graphic, and a plissé dress that drapes like a space heroine’s cloak. The prints and embroideries also play with the contrast between the old and the new, as a dot pattern derived from the Edo Komon of the 15th century transforms into a star constellation.

The musical aspect of the collection is also a tribute to the cross-cultural exchange, as Nigo honors the legacy of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yukihiro Takahashi, two members of the influential Japanese electronic band Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO). The band, which was active from 1978 to 1984, incorporated elements of Western classical music, such as Bach and Debussy, into their synth-pop sound. They also wore red gakuran school uniforms, a symbol of Japan’s adoption of Western education, as their stage outfits. The show features an original soundtrack by Cornelius, a contemporary Japanese musician who collaborated with YMO in their final tour.

Check out the collection below: