The Maisie Wilen Spring/Summer 2023 collection explores content’s ability to constantly evolve in a digital world. Looking to computer-generated imagery (CGI) and special effects techniques used in filmmaking, the collection is designed to be manipulated. In this collection, Maisie Wilen continues to show her hyper-digital identity and deeply synthetic aesthetic, aiming to explore technology’s role in providing fluidity to what was previously considered a final product.

This season, Maisie Wilen introduces its first men’s collection, a natural evolution of the brand to meet consumer demand. The menswear mirrors the women’s staples – the Perforated Turtleneck, Nebula Trousers, and Muscle Beach Tank, but created for a new audience. Continuing Maisie Wilen’s focus on highly wearable silhouettes that highlight signature prints and textiles, the men’s collection includes a camp shirt, shorts, ties, and sweaters.