Italian luxury fashion brand Magliano, a finalist for the prestigious LVMH Prize, has unveiled their bold and provocative jewelry and accessories selection for the Spring/Summer 2023 season.

The collection showcases a range of statement pieces, including a broken heart solo earring and key-shaped charms, as well as lighters frozen in ice cubes that can be used as key holders. Made entirely by hand using brass, Magliano’s jewelry pieces are designed to perfectly complement the brand’s iconic fashion looks.

In addition to the jewelry selection, Magliano’s Spring/Summer 2023 accessories line also includes leather belts, bags, knitted cotton hats, and double-sided shopping bags.

The brand’s signature style is playful yet elegant, embodying a rebellious and nonchalant spirit that never takes itself too seriously. Magliano’s poetics are rooted in irreverence and communication, resulting in a collection that is both radical and consistent in its message.

Take a look below: