Located in Bologna’s Parco della Montagnola and Piazza VIII Agosto, where a cattle market has been held since 1251, the Piazzola is a unique weekly market with over 400 stalls. It has been declared the Historical Market of Emilia Romagna and is the go-to place for pre-owned textiles. Here, Magliano sources large quantities of textiles, including old scarves, military fabrics, and silk shirts, which are used to create their SS23 “Surplus” line.

Magliano’s team handpicks second-hand Hawaiian shirts, flannel shirts, and bandanas and reworks them to create new garments. Each piece is unique, as they are made from pre-loved garments and dead stock fabrics, with their imperfections adding to their distinctiveness. The result is a collection of Magliano products, each with its own new identity and beauty.

The SS23 campaign, shot by Leonardo Scotti and styled by Elisa Voto, features the people who work at Magliano’s main factory in Faenza, where they created the Surplus pieces. The campaign uses vibrant, bold colors that perfectly capture the intrinsic uniqueness of the characters. These individuals represent the reality and truth of the garments themselves, highlighting their distinctive qualities.

Take a look below: