One should never go back to the past, or at least, that’s what they say, but sometimes it’s worth making an exception and fighting against the established, as the guest designer of the latest edition of Pitti Uomo, Luca Magliano, has recently done. This popular saying is mentioned because the first expressions of the eponymous brand were shown in the same city where he presented his Fall/Winter 2024 collection, Florence.

The case of the man from Bologna is one of the perfect examples that with hard work and effort everything can be achieved, as it seems like only yesterday that he started to be part of the official calendar of Milan Fashion Week, even though at that time he was one of the great unknowns. Each season, his work has been getting better marks, marks that have led him to the moment where he is, one of the best and why not say it, at the top, yes there is Luca, like the cast of models who came down with slow pace and squandering glamour, as if they were movie stars, walking down the grand staircase of the location where the fashion show was held, wearing the dark-toned looks designed by Mr. Magliano, who this season has decided to investigate the concept of the classic and reimagine it in his own way. How? From a feminine point of view, applied to everything as an absolute rule and, reversible at the same time.

It’s a cliché, yes, but classic is more fashionable than ever. No more absurd and quick trends that two weeks after appearing are in the trash. This game is not played by L.M., but at a higher level, such as making Neapolitan-shaped suits, hand-stitched by Kiton, which tell the story of the will to do one’s best and raise the bar towards the same radical savoir faire of which Italy remains the guardian; elegant sweaters and jackets, some of the latter dramatically clinging to the collar; or skirts, related to Da Vinci and his weight in the binarism of history. The entire proposed wardrobe is finished with U-Power-designed safety footwear and with trainers and moccasins UGG®️.

Check out the Magliano Fall/Winter 2024 collection below: