JORDANLUCA‘s FW23 collection explores aesthetic contrast and contradiction to reflect the times we live in. Smartphone technology means that, more than ever, we connect with each other and make meaning through images and iconography. There is barely any meaningful separation between on- and off-screen life.

Philosopher Slavoj Žižek reminds us that we are living in a weird moment, when multiple catastrophes – global warming, pandemics, social tension, the prospect of full digital control of our thinking and the rise of extremism – are all competing for primacy. Which one will be our downfall? Or will we outrun them all?

FW23 marks the first collaboration with urban sportswear company Lonsdale. This is Lonsdale’s first-ever partnership with a high-end fashion brand. JORDANLUCA share their solidly London-centric, subversive, countercultural vision and their interest in cultural heritage. The JORDANLUCA/LONSDALE capsule collection presents redesigned and reworked archive prints and pieces.

Take a look at the collection below: