LỰU ĐẠN ditches the usual Asian stereotypes for SS25. This time, it’s all about the outsider, the loner who loves Asian gore movies. Think dark alleys, flickering lights, and a whole lotta rebellion. Designer Hung La is showing us that Asian identity isn’t all fortune cookies and dragons.

This season, clothes are huge and baggy, like a comfy armor for the wearer. Forget neat patterns – the prints are a crazy mix of Asian gore film scenes and trippy AI effects. Pieces include phrases like ill-natured soul, vengeful heart, you can’t escape the past when the future is here to haunt you and coming soon: a tale that will make your skin crawl.

Look out for the giant sleeping bag jacket, the wrinkly “misfit blazer,” and the crazy long jeans that look like they’re defying gravity. Masks hide the models’ faces, the final touch in this season’s exploration of who you really are.

Check out the collection below: