Since appearing on the scene in 2018, Lula Laora explores unisex tailoring, never afraid to shy from bright colors and upcycling, for Spring/Summer 2023 she dived into Motorcross gear. Hidden in the middle of a countryside field, an unusual track sets the stage for an athletic performance. Lula Laora invited three unique personalities that push the boundaries of the physical and the mind. Sean McInerney aka “Poopies” from the legendary Jackass crew, a professional surfer from the United States. Lorenzo and his sidekick Rico, two artists that took over the world of French rap by surprise.

The aesthetic varies from cyber-chrome graphics, to gaming fantasy, with references to the work of Jean-Paul Gaultier for Luc Besson’s masterpiece The Fifth Element. Aside from the upcycled gear mostly from Motorcross, vegan leather, PVC and mesh are used to create silhouettes. Collaborating with eyewear brand Pit Viper, known to be loved by extreme sports athletes and Lula herself.

Take a look at the collection below: