Ludovic de Saint Sernin unveiled its Spring/Summer 2021 campaign starring Ludovic’s boyfriend Ignacio shot by Willy Vanderperre.

I knew I wanted to create something totally unique and impactful. Willy and I started talking about the concept and as I was listening to him describing what he had in mind I had a realization. Who better to embody the ultimate e-boy than my beautiful boyfriend, Ignacio. And that’s how the hair concept came to life, I thought let’s create 6 different characters with 6 totally different hair cuts. Not wigs, hair cuts! Creating all these different hair looks is also the idea of the exploration of one’s self as they go through their twenties. I feel like between 20 and 30, you go through so many phases in terms of who you are inside and out. So it’s a reflection of this quest for identity and getting to know who you are and defining your identity.” – Ludovic