Louis Vuitton has launched a new tableware collection that celebrates the graphic spirit of its iconic Monogram flower. The collection, which includes dinnerware, glasses and jugs, combines contemporary design with timeless elegance, creating a perfect setting for any season of the year.

The Monogram Flower Tile dinnerware is crafted from Limoges porcelain, a high-quality and durable material that originated in France. The dinnerware features a simple and elegant combination of white and blue, with a graphic illustration of the Monogram flower and subtle watercolor flashes on an ultra-white background. The dinnerware is available in various formats, from refined plates to large bowls, and can be used for any occasion, from having tea to enjoying dinner. The dinnerware adds a dreamy touch to the table, creating a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere.

The Louis Vuitton Twist glasses are made of crystal, a transparent and sparkling material that reflects light and color. The glasses are available in Crystal Clear, captivating sapphire blue, amber, emerald green and Venetian ruby red, all colors that evoke an essence of sophistication and elegance. The glasses have a dynamic design, with a spiral shape emerging from the Monogram flower at the bottom of the glass. The spiral pattern adds an artistic dimension to the glasses, enhancing the visual and tactile experience of drinking.

The Flower jugs complete the collection, adding a colorful splash to the table. The jugs are made of Murano glass, a famous and exquisite type of glass that is produced in the island of Murano, near Venice, Italy. The jugs are available in sapphire blue, amber, emerald green and Venetian ruby red, the same colors as the glasses, creating a beautiful match. The jugs have a simple and elegant shape, with a Monogram flower on the lid. The jugs are made with the mastery of Simone Cenedese, a renowned Murano glassmaker, highlighting the savoir-faire of this ancient art. Each jug has a unique character, as it is handmade and blown by the glassmaker.

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The Louis Vuitton tableware collection is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the art de vivre and the fine craftsmanship of the House. The collection is available on the official Louis Vuitton website and in a selection of stores.