A live conversation with writer and curator Liam Aldous; founder of ColourFeel, the experiences, the storied locations around the world and their Digital Dispatches of curated, inspiring content in response to the new paradigms caused by the pandemic experience.

Questions always arise as we dwell in our lives, whether in stillness or in movement our head turns as we sense the world around us. We seek Answers. LOOM SENSES is a new initiative created by Loom Collective, an artistic exploration of common reality, which will seek to investigate the “New Reality” which our governments are presenting us with through Loom’s characteristically multidisciplinary lenses, and the help of professionals from different fields. Art can be both a tool of self-expression and of collective expression, and in its purest form is always both.

Fucking Young! premiered today a live broadcast that is carried out during the lockdown caused by COVID-19. “ColourFeel: Immersive, Inspiring and Introspective Experiences” is a meeting with the writer and curator Liam Aldous, who tells us about the process of creating these experiences, their beginnings and the importance of inspiring people to look beyond and within themselves.

Liam Aldous, writer and curator of brands such as LOEWE or Monocle Magazine; based in Ibiza, tells us about ColourFeel, a project that offers creative time and space for anyone looking to get inspired beyond the surface; a project that is based on generating experiences, usually trips, for consolidated groups, brands or companies; with the aim of changing their perspectives through immersive storytelling. Taking into account the needs of the group, Aldous contacts people and places that he considers will motivate new ways of seeing and understanding their contexts.

Despite the fact that Aldous is skeptical towards a world in which everything immersed in the digital universe, since he considers that it can only be truly felt in the real world, the lockdown has forced him to transfer his project to the digital world. During which he has begun to create and disseminate ‘Digital Dispatches’ in which he proposes activities that can help people to get out of the digital dystopia generated by confinement and social distancing, and return to live in the analog world. In the conversation with Loom, he explains to us, in addition to how the initial project arose, the purposes of continuing in digital format, especially generating human connections at a time when we have been told that getting together is dangerous, illegal and even immoral.

New episodes of LOOM SENSES soon. Stay tunned to @loomfestival