Loewe just released their new repertoire making up a kaleidoscopic of fragrances. The Botanical Rainbow made up of eight fragrance families, arrives while we eagerly wait to return to nature with notes that uplift our noses and connect us to the outer, natural world. Loewe Creative Director Jonathan Anderson brings out the free spirit in all of us through his vision that extends to perfume.

The fragrance range is made up of vibrant colors creating a botanical rainbow was captured in a new campaign by photographer and filmmaker Tyler Mitchell, who has been contributing to Loewe for years. The imagery draws on emotion and craftsmanship, showing LOEWE Perfumes as an experience multisensory in which color, smell, and identity is one. Mitchell’s work often celebrates humanity and here we see it in true harmony with nature.

While each fragrance is independent on its own, there’s a whole harmony in the collection that allows you to explore and express yourself through outlets of uniqueness. Sandalwood, lemon, notes from the Mediterranean in the form of vetiver and geranium make up Loewe Pour Homme, just one of the dreamy scents. The bold rainbow of hues reflects nature’s own vivid color palette resulting in the perfect union between botanical art and human nature while bringing out our own memories and emotions not to mention a smile on the face.

LOEWE 001 

Inspired by new beginnings, in the luminal light of dawn through a reflection of natural notes made up of bergamot, musk and sandalwood.


Inspired by the aura that surrounds and envelops an inspiring muse. Bright, generous and outgoing, at the center of its structure are the notes floral notes that in turn are surrounded by gourmand notes of vanilla or red fruits.


Inspired by the shine that light projects on flowing water.  These fragrances share notes of citrus and musk. The family is presented in glass blocks pure and translucent in cold hues that range from blue, to yellow, green and pink.


A family of men’s fragrances inspired by the confines of outer space, a sense of eternal mystery. Original and sophisticated fragrances marked by the intensity of the incense and by the notes woody and spicy. Encapsulated in glass blocks of different shades, the 7 family is declined in shades metallic cobalt blue, midnight green and in a semi-transparent grayish hue.


Inspired by the sunset – a state of harmony and balance between day and night the family of fragrances designed to capture a sense of balance. In the feminine fragrances, the woody and fruity notes contrast with the floral and gourmand, while in the masculine fragrances the stone notes are moist and woody opposed with spicy citrus accords.


Fragrances inspired by the pure and fresh air that surrounds us: encouraging, essential, that gives life. Natural notes of the citrus that make up these fragrances are reflected in the soft colors of the glass blocks in each bottle: from leaf green to lemon yellow.


Inspired by DNA, the code of life which defines each of us as unique, the family of fragrances is designed to be universal as well as unique. Fragrances connected with the woody smell of a forest. 


Inspired by the earth, in the simple pleasure of feeling the ground underneath us, in the feeling of being connected. Aromatic and woody notes with a classic composition to feel connected with the roots, with simple pleasures, the Mediterranean profile. The inspiration and natural earth tones of Indian sandalwood and amber that make up the fragrance is in the transparent bottle of Mediterranean colors.