In early October, we embarked on a journey to the Slovenian capital to discover the talents from Ljubljana Fashion Week. For the first time, this fashion event unfolded within the walls of the Center Rog, just before its official transformation into a new hub of creativity and social interaction, taking shape within the former Rog bicycle factory.

Ljubljana, in its understated elegance, captures hearts with its blend of history and contemporary appeal. The Old Town, with its time-worn streets and gentle-hued edifices, whispers tales of its rich past. Meanwhile, the city’s modern structures, exemplified by the Center Rog, stand as emblems of its forward-thinking ethos.

This city, nestled beside the serene Ljubljanica River, plays host to a multitude of charming bridges, each with a story of its own. The Ljubljana Castle, perched atop a hill, adds a dash of fairy-tale charm to the skyline. Yet, beyond its visual appeal, Ljubljana earns its stripes for its steadfast commitment to sustainability, a recognition it proudly clinched as the European Green Capital in 2016.

This commitment to eco-friendliness reverberated through many of the collections unveiled at LJFW, where designers explored eco-conscious solutions, from upcycling to local production. The launch of the LJFW retail shop at Center Rog is a noteworthy milestone for the event and the fashion industry at large. It serves as a platform to spotlight the innovative and sustainable fashion that LJFW champions, fostering ethical and mindful consumption.

After a hiatus of a few years, the 14th edition of LJFW made history by featuring the largest contingent of Slovenian designers to date, showcasing the work of over 30 talents. The runway witnessed unexpected collaborations between established designers and intriguing comebacks to the fashion scene, much to the delight of the audience.

Melinda Rebrek, the executive producer of LJFW, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “We are happy that we felt the mutual energy with the Centre Rog team and together organized the first public event in the large event hall of the renovated building, which will certainly resonate beyond our borders. This year, in addition to the red thread of sustainability, which is increasingly important for us and our descendants, we also emphasize the importance of authenticity and self-acceptance, freedom from social expectations, and the importance of focusing on your true image. Each individual is a valuable part of the mosaic of the world with a unique perspective and contribution, and Ljubljana Fashion Week is one of the events that embraces all forms of creativity with joy and pride. We are grateful to all partners who support us in this and have recognized the added value in our (co)operation for years.”

Among the array of designers who graced the event, the spotlight shone on the students of the Fashion & Textile Design School (NTF), as well as talents like Tanja Uvera, s.Oliver, Tanja Vidic, Princderosesnoires, Gacho Couture, and Kiss The Future.

Check out the backstage photos shot by Urska Pecnik featuring some of our favorite menswear designs: