To present its Spring/Summer 2021 collection, GUNTHER sets sail for L’Île des Vents and embarks on a contemporary odyssey with Massalia as its first port of call. The sun burns the horizon. The wind caresses the waves. It is almost time to set sail and cross the Mediterranean towards the Greek islands, in the distance the Aegean sparkles.

In this video directed by Julien Teissier from the S7NDROM collective, with original music by Sarah Amsellem, the Greek past of Marseille, its creeks and waves are reminiscent of the Cyclades. Marked by white stones, blue roofs and orange skies, journeys are for Naomi Gunther a mixture of contemplation and wonder. In airy, comfortable and always elegant pieces, the designer transcribes the textures and colours of the island of Mykonos, like a painting in which Greek blue shines on the white of the houses and the beige of the sand.