American queer rapper Lil Nas X is changing the rules of the rap music industry with his brand new single. Several months after “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”, becoming a worldwide scandal success, he decided with “Industry Baby” to respond ironically about the legal battles with Nike over his “Satanic Shoes” and those who backlash over his performance during the BET awards.

This new video brings the controversial artist to a pink prison where he tries to escape with the help of emerging rap musician Jack Harlow. But, before escaping, Nas gives us an epic naked shower and NSFW scene. “Industry Baby” co-produced by Kayne West also announced that the high-anticipated first record of the 22-year-old rapper will be out soon. In the meantime, while waiting, Lil Nas X will probably give us some internet drama in the upcoming weeks!

Watch the video below: