Lidija Kolovrat presented her Fall/Winter 2012 collection at ModaLisboa.

We are influenced by the way others see us.

“I look around and see the Human Nature in wonder, what Men has and hasn’t done and the things he never will.
Revisiting ancient places, reinventing and giving them new perspectives is the mood of this collection.
Depuration of the accessory, giving emphasis to the primary needs of the body, physical comfort to it and visual to the others; the details part from the inside out, as also the Man’s presence is understood towards the world that surrounds him.
An emergent dynamic takes upon the clothes, a movement tare which is reflected on the details.”


The pieces are a study of themselves. The more casual formal elements such as lapels and collar are explored. One goes beyond aesthetic. These are questioned and with that they earn a meaning – in an ironical tone.
A blazer has a lapel Why? Because it’s a formal characteristic of its own. These elements suffer translations and rotations and are explored on their form and size. They create silhouettes with emphasis on verticality, and surrounding of the body. The contrast between structured and lightly draped create a duality that becomes whole, in union with the material and digital prints.