While reflecting on the many places that Li-Ning has gone and is going, and the many people whose confidence Li-Ning’s clothes have activated or accented, Li-Ning founder and former champion Chinese Olympic gold medalist, Mr. Li Ning proposed a Spring/Summer 2022 collection theme that would be devoted to many of the brand’s long-standing pillars: movement, adventure, extreme sports, and explorations of the great outdoors. This return to Li-Ning’s original elements yields a joyous collection of oversize genderless separates in hyper-bright “off” colors; accented with rare, exaggerated, tactical details; and comprised of Li-Ning’s most progressive technical fabrics.

The collection was unveiled on Friday, December 10, 2021 in Sanya, on China’s Hainan Island, as part of the Reframing Perspectives music festival — a sun-soaked, music-saturated, dopamine-fueled event that combined fashion show, launch party, installation art vernissage, music performance, extreme sports competition, and winter beach carnival. This fantasy world of youth culture also included a unique, 150-meter-long mirror installation that created individual areas through its angles of reflection. The Reframing Perspectives festival included performances by the band THE BIG WAVE, rapper YOUNGJACK, Akiki Jing, and Capper. Mr. Li Ning was joined by actor, director, martial artist and key collaborator Mr. Jackie Chan who presented his Kung Fu collection.