Louis Vuitton has launched a new high jewelry collection inspired by one of its most influential figures: Gaston-Louis Vuitton. The grandson of the founder of the House, Gaston-Louis was a creator, a collector and a curious mind. He had a flair for invention and a keen eye for design, bringing to life original and whimsical ideas in various domains: fonts, Monograms, books, art, travel, trunks and games and toys were among his many passions.

The collection, named Les Gastons Vuitton, celebrates his multifaceted personality and legacy. It showcases innovation in techniques, materials and movement mechanisms, reflecting his sense of modernity and freedom. The collection also resonates with the contemporary men who share his sensitivity and openness to the world around them, as Francesca Amfitheatrof, Artistic Director of Jewelry and Watchmaking at Louis Vuitton, envisioned.

The collection consists of 16 pieces and 2 masterpieces, divided into three chapters: The Creators, The Collectors and The Explorers. Each chapter explores a different aspect of Gaston-Louis’s life and interests, while incorporating the House’s signature elements: the Monogram and the trunk.