A. A. Spectrum has just launched its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, titled ‘Syneast-theasia’. The collection is inspired by synesthesia, a rare neurological condition that causes different senses to merge, such as tasting colors or feeling sounds.

The collection explores the idea of cognitive dissonance, or the clash between conflicting beliefs or perceptions, through the use of contrasting materials, colors, and shapes. The Design Director of A. A. Spectrum, Kevin Tallon, explains that he imagines the garments as freshly cut plants, torn from their fabric rolls and mixed with metallic elements, creating a striking visual and tactile contrast.

Another source of inspiration for the collection is the Chinese symbolism of the kite, which represents freedom, letting go, prosperity, and good luck.

The collection also showcases A. A. Spectrum’s experimentation with fabrications and techniques, as the brand seeks to find sustainable and adaptable design solutions for the changing climate.

Check it out below: