This season, LES BENJAMINS is dropping a fresh take on luxury streetwear with its Classic Collection, and it’s all about keeping things sleek and timeless. They’re redefining elegance through simplicity, paying homage to the fast-paced, multifaceted urban lifestyle that we’re all part of. This collection brings you carefully crafted essentials that easily shift from day to night, effortlessly adapting to your rhythm.

They’ve taken clean lines and sharp tailoring, blending them with easy silhouettes, giving a fresh twist to modern style norms. From sweatshirts to sweatpants, hoodies, tees, dresses, pants, polos, knits, and comfy outerwear, they’ve revamped the core of the urban wardrobe with the perfect mix of comfort, aesthetics, and top-notch fabrics. LES BENJAMINS’ iconic design touches subtly enhance each piece. And the color palette? It’s a sophisticated range that speaks to everyone – black, white, royal navy, biscotti, grey, army green, ocean green, and marshmallow – transcending gender, age, culture, and season.

Check out the collection below:


You can find the Classic Collection online at and at the LES BENJAMINS boutique at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, UAE.