With a commitment to constant renewal, Lefties‘ collections are a celebration of design, comfort, and functionality, all delivered with an easy and effortless style that’s accessible to everyone.

For Generation Z, Lefties offers quality, durable, and timeless basics that don’t sacrifice comfort for style. This generation, known for its keen sense of modern aesthetics built on timeless foundations, finds a perfect match in Lefties. The brand allows them to compose and create unexpected looks that are comfortable, easy to wear, and undeniably stylish.

The new LEFTIES STREET DIVISION COLLABS is where the brand truly shines, with a sneaker collection that has become the icon of Gen Z. Sneakers are more than just footwear; they are a fashion statement that complements the basic look and add value to it. The collection features the best brands, including Kelme, Hummel, and Umbro.

The looks are constructed with a mix and match of different basic pieces, paired with college and urban-inspired prints that go with everything. The collection ranges from retro Hummel sneakers for the sneakerheads to color block, multicolor, or full white sneakers with maxi tongues and XXL soles. The reissue of the viral Kelme sneakers adds a touch of nostalgia to the mix.

Check it out below:

Lefties is not just about selling clothes; it’s about curating a lifestyle that’s at the forefront of urban fashion. It’s a brand that understands the pulse of the streets and the desires of a generation that values both comfort and style.