Balenciaga has once again proven its mastery over the temporal with the re-introduction of one of its most iconic product lines, Le City.

First gracing the fashion scene in 2001, Le City quickly became more than just an accessory; it was a statement, a lifestyle, a maximalist manifesto wrapped in the guise of practicality. Its enigmatic allure captured the essence of an era, and now, over two decades later, it returns to us, reconstituted, yet as evocative as ever.

The rebirth of Le City is not merely a reissue; it is a reimagining. Drawing from a rich archive of styles, the design team at Balenciaga has meticulously studied and remodeled the line, infusing it with the accumulated attitudes of its original incarnation. The result is a hand-assembled marvel of 25 panels, echoing the vintage versions in dimension and detail. Its signature features—the reinforced corners, the thimble-like studs, the myriad pockets—each contribute to a design that develops a unique patina over time, an emblem of its timeless quality.

To mark this momentous comeback, Balenciaga has unveiled a campaign captured by the lens of Mario Sorrenti.