In the Fall of 2021, Pigmentarium unveiled “Azabache,” a perfume that captured the essence of luxury and creativity. Crafted under the artistic vision of Spanish designer Arturo Obegero, the fragrance was a harmonious blend of Parisian elegance and Spanish passion. Encased in sleek black bottles with gold accents, “Azabache” — Spanish for obsidian — became an instant collector’s favorite, available exclusively at select retailers and online.

Fast forward to over three years later, and a new chapter unfolds with “Azabache – Chapter 2.” This latest creation is a testament to the growth and artistic evolution of both Arturo Obegero and Pigmentarium. Drawing inspiration from the warm embrace of the Spanish sun, the serene shadows of sacred architecture, and the untamed spirit of the ocean, this fragrance is a tribute to the memories that shape us.

“Chapter 2” marks a significant transformation, maintaining the original’s allure while introducing a more sophisticated and profound experience. The heart of the perfume — the rose — is now delicately intertwined with the freshness of bergamot and the floral touch of geranium. The once prominent animalic notes gracefully step back, making way for the introduction of labdanum. This precious resin, derived from Cistus shrubs, infuses the scent with its rich and complex aroma, reminiscent of wood, leather, and amber — a nod to the timeless beauty of nature and history.

No longer a limited edition, “Azabache – Chapter 2” will be available in Pigmentarium’s signature bottle starting April 8th.