An ode to self-expression and confidence, LAG World is a genderless jewelry brand that represents all that is celebrated in 2022.

The ’90s and ’00s resurgence continues to influence catwalks worldwide, and LAG World aligns with this newfound nostalgia as they present jewelry reminiscent of these eras. LAG World offers chunky snake chains, silver chain bracelets and enameled triangle earrings. In addition to these retro influences, LAG World interprets the visuals of architecture and geometry. These diverse references make the pieces futuristic and nostalgic, timeless and unique. This play between generations is intentional, ensuring its appeal across generations.

Today, Lag World presents its new collection: Second Round. As the title implies, the collection is inspired by martial arts and street-fighting arms. The battle that the collection refers to is both an ode to the aesthetics of combat sports and the internal battle that an individual may face when processing their own vulnerabilities.

For the campaign pictures, the models are within a boxing ring, divided into different matches, where each round presents something that the individual must overcome. Ultimately the campaign honors the resilience of personal identity and internal strength against all odds.