Lacoste is celebrating its iconic campaign, “Play Big.” A celebration of creativity, individuality, and the enduring legacy of the Crocodile emblem.

The heart of the campaign lies in artistic expression. “Play Big” invites us to engage with fashion in a more profound way, blurring the lines between art and style. The unstoppable Crocodile symbolizes resilience and the indomitable spirit that defines Lacoste. Just like the Crocodile itself, Lacoste keeps moving forward. The world is its playground, and fans are encouraged to create their own game.

Collaborating with talented minds, Lacoste transformed the iconic crocodile into an 8-meter-long work of art. Crafted from traditional tennis materials, this colossal sculpture stands tall, jaws wide open.

The campaign also celebrates six iconic ambassadors, each embodying audacity, creativity, and self-confidence—the essence of Lacoste.

Check it out below: