On the eve of its 80th anniversary, LACOSTE pays tribute to the visionary spirit of its founder René Lacoste by taking his most legendary invention, the L.12.12 polo shirt, into the future.


In 1933, René Lacoste launched industrial scale production of the polo shirt he called L.12.12.
L for LACOSTE, 1 refers to the Cotton Petit Piqué fabric, 2 to the Short Sleeve style, and 12 to the number of prototypes made before René Lacoste gave his approval.
The brand has chosen the symbolic date of 12/12/12 to unveil a film featuring the polo shirt in a future where textile technology has no limits.
The film ends with an invitation. The public is invited to extend the story by posting their vision of the future of the polo shirt on Facebook.
The most original contributions will be illustrated by an artist, and then featured on Facebook.com/Lacoste to more than 10 million fans of the brand.


The film, created by MNSTR Agency, showcases the future of the polo shirt in a timeless Paris where the public can follow an eclectic cast of characters that interact with a new generation of clothing.